When state and local funding of public schools fluctuates, community support is vital to level the playing field for students of all means and abilities. This is why the PHS Academic Foundation was created. Each year, over $60,000 is reinvested in our school, impacting all departments, from science and reading to ESE and art. Our Members and Business Partners make this happen.

Your membership allows the Foundation to continue partnering with administration on school-wide initiatives such as the writing center, teacher learning walks, and the college resource room. Grants also create incentive programs for at-risk students and send our teachers to training programs that deepen their skills. Just as important are the department and classroom level programs that allow our teachers to be creative, upgrade technology, and put more resources into the hands of our students. 

Join the PHS Academic Foundation today and be part of the success of our nationally ranked school. To donate now, choose the Membership or Business Partners page, and scroll to the bottom to join.

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