Faculty Grant Application Guidelines

The Academic Foundation loves supporting PHS teachers and seeks to invest all donation dollars back into their classrooms. The primary purpose of the Academic Foundation is to raise money to fund school-wide academic programs and teacher requests for academically focused necessities. Last year, teacher grants of approximately $61,000 were approved!

Please submit all requests using the GRANT REQUEST FORM . Submit the form along with supporting documentation to Donna Kroegel by the submission deadline dates noted within the  GUIDELINES . Please follow instructions carefully and if you have any questions, please contact Donna Kroegel, PHS Bookkeeper.

It’s exciting to see donation dollars at work in the classrooms with creative initiatives that make students more successful! The foundation board is excited to support Plant’s amazing teachers again in the 2021-2022 school year.


2022-2023 Approved Faculty Grants

The following grants were funded by the PHS Academic Foundation during the 2022-23 academic year:
  • College Resource Room: Computer Tables, Chairs, Power Units, Meeting Tables, Literature Storage
  • Newline Interactive Flat Panels (10) with Power Surge Protectors & Installation 
  • T1-30XA Calculators (35) Class Set
  • Surface Go 3 with Cover, Pen, Software & Warranties
  • External CD/DVD Drive
  • Aquarium Storage Units (10)
  • Hydroponic Garden Solar Kits, Shed & Worktable, Seedlings and Maintenance
  • Lettuce Grow Indoor Farmstand Seedlings
  • Crystal Springs Field Trip Expense Support
  • French Congres Competition Expense Support
  • Model UN Conference Expense Support
  • Western International Band Conference - Bus Transport Assistance 
  • SAT Fees for economic need students to meet grad requirements
  • Online Subscription News2You – Symbol Supported Newspaper
  • Rosetta Stone Annual Subscription
  • Teacher Education Course for Professional Certification Instruction
  • Teacher AP English Literature Full Course - Year Long Bundle
  • Gift Cards for Saturday Work Detail Supervisor Compensation
  • Substitute Teachers (Field Trips and Admin Needs)
  • Naviance Annual Subscription (Funded by PHAcF Annually)